Lassen RV Park & Campground Policies


  • Check-In is 2 PM – 7 PM.
    • If you are arriving after 7 PM, you must call the office, or we will consider your reservation a “no show” and remove your reservation at full cost.
    • Late check-ins after 9 PM may be met with a $50 surcharge if you require assistance in person.
  • Check-out is at noon unless arrangements have been made with the office.
    • If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the office at least 1 day before check-out so we can better serve you.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 4 or more days from the date of check-in, and your stay is less than 8 nights, you will be charged a $30 cancellation fee and refunded the remainder of your balance.
  • If you cancel your reservation 3 days or less from the date of check-in and your stay is less than 8 nights, you will be charged one night’s stay for a cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel 3 days or less from the check-in date (this includes shortening your trip after check-in), and your stay is 8-15 nights, you will be refunded HALF of your reservation total.
  • Upon arrival at the campground, no refunds are given for any canceled days during your stay.
  • A cancellation refund is the amount left over after the cancellation fee is applied.
  • Unless inclement weather causes a park closure, it is not a reason for an exception to our cancellation policy.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours ate 10:00 PM to 8 AM, including light pollution. Keep external lights to a minimum after 10 PM. Guests may, of course, socialize after 10 PM at their campsite. We simply request that we all be considerate.

Signage and Parking

  • Obey posted signage, including right of ways and our 10 mph speed limit.
  • Park only in your site driveway. Do NOT park on campsites. This damages them. Boats must be kept in the parking lot unless the guest receives the manager’s approval.


Campfires are subject to conditions and must remain moderate in size. Campfires must be put out completely. This may take several gallons of water (up to 5-10 for many fires)! Fires are only permitted in fire rings. After July, we usually cease wood fires and move to specialized commercial logs, propane fires, and limited charcoal use in fire pits.


No lifeguard on duty. Obey all posted signs at the pool. Children must be accompanied by adults. No dogs in the pool area. Guests use the pool at their own risk. No intoxication of any kind in the pool area.

Tent Camping

Extra tents are only allowed in specific sites and are subject to fees due at registration. Please contact the office for details if you want to add a tent to your reservation.

Site Restrictions

  • Leave No Trace when you leave your campsite, including no trash in your fire pit!
  • No baby pools and no car or RV washing on your site
  • Do not attach ropes, lights, or hammocks to trees with any metal hardware.

Visitors of Registered Guests

Visiting hours are 9 AM-10 PM. Visitors must check in at the office and may be required to provide ID. Guest vehicles must fit in the campsite driveways. Do not block any roadway.


Do NOT feed wildlife! This may not only damage their digestion processes. It may increase wildlife disturbances to humans.


No person shall carry or discharge any weapon in the RV park, including firearms, spears, bow and arrow, traps, nets, or devices capable of injuring or killing any person or animal, capturing any animal, or damaging any property.


Please enjoy adult refreshments responsibly. Intoxicated guests with inappropriate behavior may be asked to retire to their campsite at any time, including removal from the pool area.


Please consider putting backup water in RV tanks for use during a rare power outage. Generators are allowed to be used only in the event of a power outage. Please use the appropriate protection for your RV to prevent damage from any power surges and brown-outs, as Lassen RV Park & Campground is not responsible for these types of damages.

Pet Policy

We charge a nightly fee for dogs and other pets at our discretion. Management reserves the right to reject any pet for any reason and the right to deny camper admittance if a pet could pose a threat to the health and safety of campers in the park. We expect many campers to have pets. Large pets over 50 pounds are subject to manager approval.

  • Keep pets on a leash in the park. Pick up your pet poop, please! Bags are available for sale in the office.
  • Your pet(s) need all current and appropriate vaccinations.
  • Pet owners who cannot control their pets will be asked to leave. If you let your pet off leash and they disturb other campers, you will be asked to leave.
  • Please ask permission to set up any enclosures for your pets. We allow most types of enclosures, but we do NOT allow pets to be left unattended outside.
Lassen RV Park & Campground
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